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The manufacturer shall ensure the removal of occurring errors, as well as organise the replacement of production defects manifested and of defective parts either directly or via a representation.

Warranty period of stationary Manipulation Tables – 24 months. Tables working life is 8years and products need a maintenance and checking after every six months. The inspection may be performed by Fysiotech OÜ or a representative of Fysiotech OÜ.

Warranty period of the electro-pneumatic drive – 24 months.

The manufacturer will reserve the right to make any changes in the construction of the table as required without additionally informing the consumer on the fact.

The validity of warranty will be certified by a purchase receipt/invoice. In the case of the lack of an invoice, the representative on behalf of the manufacturer will adhere to the terms and conditions of the warranty as it finds suitable. It may be added that every product has a unique identification number, according to which it is possible to establish the date of sale, completeness, model of the table sold.

Only fully complete equipment with all accessories and add-ons will be replaced, as well as repaired, under warranty.

Repair costs will be incurred by the purchaser after the warranty period.

Transport to the repair shop and back will be organised by the purchaser at its own expense.

The warranty will not include:
– cases where the grounds behind an error have been a violation of the rules for use, as well as equipment with mechanical damage, dented or scratched equipment.
– cases where damage to the electrical part is due to the use of supply voltage failing to correspond to technical terms and conditions.
– soft leather covering upholstery and artificial leather coverings.
– electric cables and plug-ins.
– the manufacturer will even have the right to fully terminate the warranty period prematurely in case the device has been opened or repaired without permission from the representation or due agreement by persons unauthorised; in case warranty seals have been damaged (as applicable).


that if a problem occurs during the warranty period, as well as defects that assembly office will provide free replacement parts necessary to remedy the defect.

Lifetime warranty stationary massage tables – 24 months.
Warranty period of folding massage tables – 12 months.
Lifetime warranty electric – 24 months.

The warranty is valid if there is a warranty card.
In the absence of representation carries a warranty card warranty at its discretion.
Warranty equipment will be accepted for repair or replacement in the original packaging and in the presence of all the accessories.
Post-warranty repairs carried out by the purchaser.
Transportation to and from the place of repair is made by the buyer.

Warranty does not cover:
– On cases caused by a breach of the rules of operation, including the presence of mechanical damage, including dents and scratches;
– In case of breakage due to the electric connection of the supply voltage that does not meet specifications;
– On the soft parts and leatherette cover;
– On electric wires and power-plug;
– And expires in full when not consistent with the Mission, an independent tamper and / or repair, as well as violation of seals (if any).


Choosing a location and installation.
Do not install the massage-, medical tables and chairs beauty in a place where there is excessive humidity, dusty places, in places exposed to direct sunlight, near heaters and fireplaces.
For long-term operation of massage-, medical tables and chairs cosmetology important that they were on a level surface. After installation, the place adjust it by turning the adjusting supports repositories legs.
Do not install the massage-, medical tables and chairs beauty on a thick carpet.
Massage-, medical tables and chairs have cosmetic rather large weight, move them carefully and only when confidence.
In the presence of the wheels roll tables.
Tables with wheels are not designed to transport patients.

Connection to the mains.
NOTE: To prevent damage to the armrests, before turning on the electric output of the arms under the table.
Before connecting to the mains, make sure that:
– The mains voltage corresponds to the data on the drive: 220-240V, 50-60HZ, 2,8 A;
– Plug and socket must be of the same type if the plug does not fit into your outlet, the outlet should be replaced.
Do not use extension cords. If you do decide to use an extension cord, the plug and socket extension cord must have a grounding tabs and match the type of plug.
Provide easy access to a power outlet, so that at any moment you could disconnect the power cord.
The manufacturer is not liable for damage to health and property if it is caused by failure to comply with these norms are.

Operation and maintenance.
About every 6 months in the case of normal use, more often in the case of extra intense use, one shall check that all the tightening screws are properly tightened. Mobile parts and joints shall be lubricated with technical oil as required.
When servicing or cleaning carefully unplug the power cord.
Covering leatherette frame, electric, switches and electrical wires wash sponge or soft cloth dipped in a solution of neutral detergent in warm water.
Never use organic solvents, abrasives, and chloro-amiaksoderzhaschie substance.
Dust can accumulate in and switch on the motor. Carefully vacuum clean or wipe them with a cloth.
If you do not intend to use massage tables or chairs cosmetology long time, wash it, dry it, to lower the minimum height, cover an opaque film.
Table must be stored in a place where there is direct sunlight, heaters, normal humidity and make sure that the surface is not set items that are selling or damage cover leatherette.